On-site Inspections

Roof inspections

Our experienced inspectors know every roof is unique. Therefore we make it our priority to thoroughly understand your distinctive roofing needs and based on our years of experience and industry knowledge, guide you through a roofing solution that is right for you.

We call all of our “roofing systems”, solutions because although you might think roofing is simple, it actually is quite complex as there are many different types of roofing systems, variations, permeations and materials to be considered. Only an experienced industrial roofer is able to give advice on the right type of system, variation, permeations and also the right materials.

At Colonial Roofing & Contraction we not only have the experience and knowledge to recommend the right roofing solution for you, we are not tied to any one material manufacturer and therefore we can provide you with a complete, unbiased professional recommendation on the right roofing solution for your needs.

Once a solution is identified, our team springs into action to develop a plan and construction schedule designed to minimize our impact on your business operations, or that of your tenants, during installation.

Emergency Repair

Emergency roof repair

When it comes to Emergency Roof Repairs, count on a service with a proven track record of reliability and excellence. Our Emergency Roofing Repair Team has special expertise in emergency repair and can be on site in the Kingston area within an hour or less to repair your leak on the spot.

When our Emergency Roofing Repair Team is on your roof, they will trace the leak back to the source to identify and analyze the cause of the leak. Our work doesn’t stop there – once we’ve repaired your leak, our staff can provide you with a report, detailing the condition of your roof, potential concerns and preventative solutions to maintain the value of your investment. When time is critical, expertise and a quick response to your roof leak makes all the difference.


We work on commercial and industrial roofs.

With our over 20 years of experience, we will provide building owners and managers with the best advice in terms of the scope of work and material recommendations to determine the best action to take; be it a simple repair, a maintenance plan or a full roof replacement. To determine what the “right” roofing solution is for you, our team will evaluate your needs and assess which of the numerous types of roofing systems is right for you, including conventional, protected membrane, loose laid and ballasted, mechanically fastened, and fully adhered, as well as green and solar applications (either recovered or full replacement).

Once a system is chosen, the team will look at specific possibilities depending on the specifications of the project, including the type of vapour retarder, insulation type and thickness, type of membrane, etc.

We will also assess which product suppliers to use, which includes the requirement for long-term warranties. We have made it our policy to work with any material manufacturer; so you can rest easy knowing our professionals will choose roofing materials based solely on your unique roofing situation and not on a relationship with any one material manufacturer.

Winter Maintenance

The winter months are harsh in Eastern Ontario with regular snow and ice accumulation. Commercial roofing systems require an extra standard of care during the winter months to avoid permanent damage and roof collapse. Our team will stay on top of removing snow & ice build-up to ensure your roof stays in top condition.